Xigmatek Reveals Talon PC Case, the First in the Stealth Series

Capable of fitting all motherboards up to ATX form factor

PC case makers aren't as active as other companies on the IT market, but they still manage, every once in a while, to make more than one product announcement in a single month.

Xigmatek released the Alfar gaming enclosure at the start of November 2013, and it is now introducing another enclosure.

Called Talon, it is the first in the Stealth Series and is more of a mid-range enclosure than a gaming one.

That means that it has some perks that cheaper models lack, but not many enough to warrant special treatment. For example, Talon boasts a rubber coating on the top and front panels.

For storage, there are eight 3.5-inch bays, five of which can hold 2.5-inch drives. Also, three 5.25-inch bays with external access can hold optical drives, fan controllers, or other accessories.

Xigmatek even gave its case two pre-installed fans (200mm front, 140mm back) and a top I/O panel with two USB 3.0 ports. A side-window completes the ensemble.

No price has been disclosed, unfortunately.

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