Xfire Distributed With D-Link's Routers

Online gaming made easy

Xfire Inc. announced today that their gamer-oriented product will be distributed with the D-Link GamerLounge Broadband Gaming Routers, including the D-Link DGL-4100 and D-Link DGL-4300 product lines.

"Xfire has grown to over 2 million users because we make online gaming easy," said Mike Cassidy, CEO of Xfire Inc. "We're excited to have our product distributed with D-Link's gaming routers, because they are just as focused on creating the best online gaming experience for hard-core gamers as we are."

"D-Link has supported the gaming community through sponsored tournaments, LAN Parties, and the building of the industry's first router specifically for gamers," said Brian Larsen, associate vice president of product development for D-Link. "We are pleased to continue this support by distributing a D-Link branded version of Xfire with our GamerLounge Broadband Gaming Routers."

As part of the agreement, a D-Link branded version of Xfire will be developed and bundled with GamerLounge products including the D-Link DGL-4100 and D-Link DGL-4300. In addition, Xfire's logo will be displayed on the packaging for these products. The GamerLounge products take advantage of D-Link's proprietary GameFuel technology, which automatically prioritizes gaming packets over any other traffic on the network.

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