Xbox Video Store Content Cannot Be Watched on Windows Phone 8 Devices

Microsoft acknowledged the issue and will probably fix it soon

Although Windows Phone 8 devices are among the best-selling smartphones on the market, it looks like Microsoft’s newest version of Windows Phone is far from being bug-free.

We reported yesterday that Nokia and HTC, two handset manufacturers that already launched Windows Phone 8 devices on the market, are currently investigating some issues highlighted by users.

It appears that HTC and Nokia devices are affected by random reboots and freezes, which are mostly related with Windows Phone 8 and have nothing to do with the hardware.

The Finnish company already confirmed it was working with Microsoft to solve these issues and that it would offer more details after the investigation.

Well, it appears that Windows Phone 8 is now missing another feature or it might be just a bug that Microsoft sees as a missing feature.

WPCentral reports that many Windows Phone 8 devices owners complain they are unable to watch content rented or purchased via Xbox Video store.

Those who own a Windows Phone 8 smartphone and try to play such a video are met with the following error: “We are unable to confirm the media usage rights for this content.”

Moreover, syncing a protected Xbox video from a computer to a Windows Phone 8 device is also a no go as users will get the following error: “Oops, something went wrong. Protected files won’t play on the phone, so we didn’t add this one.”

The good news is that Microsoft is already aware of the problem and issued a resolution, which seems hilarious to say the least.

The Redmond-based company recognizes that Windows Phone 8 does not currently support playback of rented or purchased content from the Xbox Video Store, and recommends users to head to the Windows Phone Feature Suggestions website and make requests for future releases if they want to see this feature added. More details are available on Microsoft’s support site.

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