Xbox One Gets Xbox Originals Programs in June, Two Halo Projects Confirmed

One will be produced by Steven Spielberg and another by Ridley Scott

The team in charge of the Xbox One announces that it will launch the Originals range of programs for the next-gen home console in June of this year, giving gamers access to a wide variety of dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation series, reality shows and live events.

They can also be enjoyed on the 360 and on other Microsoft devices, which probably means mobile phones and tablets, via the Xbox Live service.

Nancy Tellem, the president of Xbox Entertainment Studios, is quoted in the official Wire announcement as saying that, “We are developing premium, original content for the Xbox community which is an audience we are incredibly respectful of. We believe Xbox Originals should embrace the way our fans think about traditional TV.”

She adds that, “I know full well from my years spent at traditional TV networks that creating a lineup of hit shows isn’t easy. It's the beginning of a long journey, but we’re incredibly excited to be on our way.”

The shows that Microsoft describes as committed are already in development and will reach the Xbox One first, although at the moment no official dates are available.

The Halo live action series will be created by a partnership between 343 Industries and Amblin Television, with Steven Spielberg acting as executive producer on it, though no details about the story are yet available.

Another Halo-based project is being developed by Ridley Scott and Scott Free TV President, David Zucker, with Sergio Mimica-Gezzan, known for Battlestar Galactica, Pillars of the Earth and Heroes set to direct.

Every Street United is an unscripted program focused on football, which features Thierry Henry and Edgar Davids as they search for football stars all over the world before a climactic match in Brazil, and it will be offered all through June.

From Friday, June 13, to Sunday, June 15, fans of music will be able to enjoy a partnership with Superfly Presents, which will bring the Bonnaroo festival to Xbox Live.

Signal to NBouse is a documentary series created by Simon Chinn and Jonathan Chinn, designed to focus on the impact that technology has had on the lives of modern humans and will be delivered before 2014 is over.

Humans is a drama created with UK based Channel 4, consisting of eight-hour-long episodes that explore the effects that a special robotic servant called a Synth can have on a suburban family and the relationships between its members.

Casting will begin in May and shooting will take place during summer.

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