Xbox One Gets Special Reddit App, Twitch Update, and MTV Content

Gamers can comment on threads while still engaged with a title

The team at Microsoft in charge of the development of new applications for the Xbox One reveals that the platform is getting access to a specially designed experience that will allow them to post on Reddit, a new MTV-focused app, and an update for the official Twitch integration.

The official Xbox Wire announcement states, “At Xbox, community is a big part of who we are. And we know at reddit, community makes up the very core of the service there, too. The launch of ReddX on Xbox One is exciting because it combines the intense community involvement we’ve come to know on both platforms with the unique capabilities offered by Xbox One.”

The app is called ReddX and allows fans of the online destination who are also gamers to post even as they are playing by using the unique snap capabilities of the Xbox One.

Those who install the application can also get access to unique media Achievements that are named after famous Internet memes.

At the moment, ReddX is only offered in the United States and Canada and it seems that there are plans to bring it to the rest of the world as soon as possible.

Microsoft adds, “Using ReddX also allows you to upvote or downvote a thread with just the touch of a button, as well as easily add your comments using your Xbox One controller, media remote or Xbox SmartGlass on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. If you find an image that’s just too good to pass over, ReddX lets you save a photo to your profile or set any image as the background for your ReddX app.”

Streaming is very popular among gamers right now and the Twitch app for the Xbox One is also getting an update.

New features include auto zoom, audio capture from headsets, and a watch with friends option, allowing those interested to see what others are watching and quickly join in.

Those who also own the Kinect motion tracking system can now also allow Twitch to zoom on their faces while they are streaming.

Finally, the Xbox One is getting an MTV app exclusively in the United States, offering fans access to sneak peeks, bonus footage, and full episodes for those who have a television subscription.

Microsoft has already offered some details on the September system update for the home console, and it says that more entertainment content will be offered before the end of the year.

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