Xbox One Games with Cloud Features Still Need Constant Online Connection

Game publishers can decide whether their titles need Internet access or not

Microsoft has revealed a few more details about its recent and quite drastic change of policies regarding used games and Internet connection for the Xbox One, confirming that games which take advantage of the cloud service will still need to be permanently online.

The Xbox One left many gamers extremely disappointed with Microsoft, as the next-gen console had plenty of restrictive policies and needed a practically constant Internet connection to work properly and allow owners access to their games.

Things changed drastically earlier today, with the company confirming that there will be no limitations imposed on used games, which can be traded in and bought freely by gamers from retailers.

Microsoft's Marc Whitten, the corporate vice president of Xbox Live, has talked with Polygon about the recent change and revealed that the company is still confident in the digital future that takes advantage of the cloud.

"While we are adding in the ability to use physical discs, we still believe in the power of a digital and cloud-powered future played out at launch and rolled out over time," Whitten said. "You are going to see us invest a ton in all of the ways digital builds experiences."

What's more, while the Xbox One can now be used to play games offline indefinitely, without needing an online check every 24 hours, using the power of the cloud will still require owners to go online while playing certain games, like Forza Motorsport 5 or Titanfall.

"You have to be connected [for cloud processing to work]," he added. "All of the things that require the internet will require the console to connect. We want and expect most people to take advantage of those things, but we also want to give people the choice that they can play offline."

The executive revealed that third-party publishers will be able to decide if they require a constant online connection for their games, either for their multiplayer modes or for their cloud services.

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