Xbox One Adds YouTube Uploads on April 8, Xbox 360 Gets GoPro App

Gamers have more ways to share and experience media

The development team in charge of the Xbox One next-gen console at Microsoft announces that tomorrow, on April 8, it is delivering an update for the new platform that's designed to add YouTube uploads, while support for a new GoPro Channel is being introduced on the Xbox 360.

The company explains that it wants to make it as easy as possible for gamers to both capture and then share clips taken from video games with the rest of the community, which should be easier to do than ever using Game DVR and the new Upload with YouTube feature.

The official announcement on the Xbox Wire states that, "The updated YouTube experience also allows you to watch YouTube videos in Snap Mode, earn Media Achievements, and adds YouTube channels to OneGuide for instant access to YouTube videos right next to your favorite TV listings or App Channels."

Microsoft also reveals that the GoPro application is being launched on the Xbox One at the same time, allowing all those who have a subscription to the Xbox Live Gold service to experience a new world of adventure and amazing video content.

Adam Dornbusch, the head of content distribution at GoPro, states, "The GoPro Channel app will bring the best of GoPro originally-produced and user-generated content into the homes of millions of Xbox Live Gold customers. We’re excited to launch with exclusive content for early adopters of the app and stoke out the Xbox 360 community with hours of engaging and inspiring GoPro videos through the Channel."

All those who enjoy the content offered via the GoPro app can also buy cameras and accessories directly, as long as they live in the United States.

The Xbox One version of the same application will be launched at some point during the summer, according to Microsoft.

The company has pledged to add more features to the new home console on a regular basis in order to make sure that users can experience the newest video games, while being able to use a range of new media.

Microsoft has plans to deliver a bigger firmware update for the Xbox One during April, which at the moment is being tested by a small number of users in order to make sure that it has no problems that need to be eliminated.

The device is at the moment trailing behind the PlayStation 4 from Sony in term of sales, but that could change when the NPD Group numbers for March are announced.

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