Xbox Live Problems Appear After New Dashboard Release (2.0.14699.0)

Xbox 360 users are met with serious errors and issues after installing the new dashboard

Microsoft unleashed the brand new dashboard update for the Xbox 360 all over the world, but its release wasn’t the smoothest, as after a delay of several hours, the update was finally deployed via the Xbox Live online service, but it quickly crashed and resulted in lots of connectivity issues for Xbox 360 owners.

Microsoft wants to make the Xbox 360 console the most important entertainment platform in the world, and deployed a new interface update that makes it easier to access all of its content, including new features like the TV on Demand service, which is deployed alongside the new software update.

The dashboard went online yesterday, after a delay of a few hours, but once people were actually able to get the new firmware for the Xbox 360, lots of problems started appearing.

Many users found that, after their console restarted in order to complete the install process, they weren’t able to access the Xbox Live online service anymore.

Others were able to start the download but their transfer speed quickly slowed down to a snail’s pace, even if their Internet connection was at full power.

Even those who didn’t want to perform the update were affected by it, as the surge in activity meant that several Xbox Live features, like signing into their accounts from either the console, the PC or from the website, were unresponsive.

Microsoft, through its Xbox Live status page, says that almost everything is back operational, but people are still complaining of intermittent service, aren’t able to get the actual dashboard update or need to wait a huge amount of time before it’s completely downloaded.

How did your Xbox 360 dashboard update go? Were there any problems or was it a smooth process from start to finish? Share your experience below by leaving a comment.

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