Xbox Live Dashboard Update Problems Reported by Many Users

The 2010 Xbox Live Dashboard Update just went live yesterday, and already lots of Xbox 360 users are reporting problems encountered while trying to download the update or install it, not to mention many who don't like some of the new features implemented in this fall update.

Microsoft launched its traditional Fall update to the Xbox Live online service and the regular Xbox 360 dashboard, but this time the mandatory update caused quite a lot of problems, as lots of Softpedia readers left comments on yesterday's story detailing the changes made by the update.

It seems that download issues were encountered by lots of people, as their Xbox 360 consoles required them to download the update in order to access Xbox Live.

Sadly, for many of our readers, the download wouldn't start, or when it did start, the update process was stuck in the first stages.

A lot of comments pointed to this issue, including users like 'J Dub' or 'Donny', not to mention the eloquently named 'Angry Xbox Live customer.'

We tried to update our own console yesterday and encountered the same download problem, with the Xbox 360 not being able to start the download process, even if the Internet connection was working flawlessly.

Reader 'big rob' was stuck in pretty serious loop, saying that: "Update says I can't connect then tells me to test my connection. I did that and it tells me to update to finish connection test."

User 'PissedBunE' experiencing freezing issues during the update process: "I'm having issues with it. It won't let me finish downloading it and it just goes white to a white box and freezes."

Some of our readers said that the new update doesn't really enhance the design of the Xbox 360 dashboard, with 'iRocheyy' saying that it is too white, while 'Recon' only appreciates the new icons.

Reader 'Jurkazi' wasn't exactly thrilled about the update, but after experiencing it, he was quite pleased: "Never mind, I take it all back. The new dashboard looks great and the new additions, especially those in the games marketplace, are very nice to have."

For its part, Microsoft revealed that it is aware of the problems with the 2010 Xbox Live Fall Update, and that it is working on solving all of the problems encountered by gamers.

Until then, feel free to share with us any other problems you encountered with the new Xbox 360 update. 

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