Xbox 720 Is Out in Fall of 2013, Features Deep Skype Integration

A brand new report has surfaced about the next Xbox console

A brand new report has surfaced on the web about the Xbox 720, the oft-rumored replacement for the regular Xbox 360, which claims that Microsoft will implement a deep integration of Skype, its voice-over-IP (VOIP) service.

The Xbox 360 is still going strong, as Microsoft is reporting big sales every month and continues to brag about its long-term potential.

Even so, more and more reports are claiming that a new console will soon be released, in the form of the Xbox 720.

Now, after quite a few rumors surfaced in recent months, Investors has posted a report from Goldman Sachs that speculates on the Xbox 720 as well as how it will feature integration for Skype, the VOIP service that was acquired by Microsoft some time ago.

According to Goldman Sachs, the new console will appear in the second half of 2013 and will feature different mechanics through the use of Skype.

"We would expect the launch of Xbox 720 in (the second half 2013) to take gaming and streaming content to another level, and for online communication to be enhanced by leveraging assets acquired from Skype," Goldman Sachs said in the report.

While voice chat isn't something unheard of in terms of consoles, Microsoft might use Skype in a variety of new ways, according to Gartner analyst Brian Blau.

"By itself, Skype may not set Microsoft apart from other game initiatives in the short term, mainly because it will take developers time to integrate this technology as a way to enhance game features," Blau said. "But if Microsoft provides Skype as a core service in any version of the Xbox, it will certainly be a benefit for game developers and game players."

As of yet, however, Microsoft hasn't commented on the array of Xbox 720 rumors and hasn't even acknowledged what role will Skype play in its next home console.

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