Xbox 360 Will Get Cutting Edge Content from New TV Producer

The company wants to make its console an entertainment hub

Microsoft is seeking to hire a new television-based producer who will then take part in a new program to deliver content designed specifically for the Xbox 360 home console, the Kinect motion tracking system and the Xbox Live service.

The Official Xbox Magazine quotes a job ad that says, “Soho Productions is pushing the boundaries of Kinect and Xbox LIVE to bring a new line of interactive television experiences to the world.”

The open position is in London and the rest of the ad offers some more details about the requirements, adding, “This is a unique opportunity to be a TV producer creating a whole new category of cutting edge experiences built for Xbox 360, Kinect and Xbox Live.”

Sources have been suggesting for some time that Microsoft is getting ready to launch a Xbox-branded television set-top box during 2013.

All those who apply should have worked on well-known television-based intellectual properties and also have a strong background on the technical side of television development.

Apparently, the team involved with the new television project is rather small at the moment, which means that Microsoft might be in the early stages of creating TV content.

An official announcement about the new television-centered initiative for Xbox devices will probably be made during 2013.

A set-top box will allow Microsoft to deliver its smaller games on more gaming devices and would create a larger potential audience for the new Xbox-branded console from the company.

Neither Sony nor Microsoft has announced official plans for the next generation of gaming hardware, but official news is widely expected to arrive in the first half of next year.

Some rumors even say that the Xbox 720 will be available in stores before Thanksgiving 2013, including better motion tracking, 3D support and a Blu-ray drive.

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