Xbox 360 Gets Timed Exclusive Skyrim DLC Packs

Video game publisher and hardware developer Microsoft has announced that the first two downloadable content packs for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim will be offered on the Xbox 360 home gaming console exclusively for 30 days since release before being offered on the PlayStation 3 from Sony and on the PC.

It seems that Microsoft and Bethesda Softworks are continuing a deal that they have entered for Fallout 3, which saw three DLC packs being offered for the game during January 2009 while those playing on the PS3 and on the PC got access to the same content in the middle of the year.

A similar deal was made for the Dead Money pack for Fallout: New Vegas.

Microsoft has a history of working with publishers in order to get exclusive content for the Xbox 360, believing that it will lead more players to pick up the console.

There are rumors that Microsoft is providing companies with generous payments in order to get these timed exclusives.

Chris Lewis, who is the marketing boss for the European division of Microsoft, has recently said that getting exclusive games and exclusive DLC is crucial to the company's future strategy for the Xbox 360.

At the moment the Microsoft home console is being the leader of the home console market in the United States, where it is performing better than the PS3, which has just received a price cut, and the Nintendo Wii, which is approaching the end of its life cycle.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the next game in the long-running series from Bethesda and plans to create a large believable world where the player can explore and develop a character while fighting a number of unscripted, intelligent Dragons.

The game will be launched worldwide on all platforms on November 11, 2011.

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