Xbox 360 Bundles LEGO Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda

In an effort to boost interest

Microsoft is continuing its strategy of making the Xbox 360 the most interesting console of the Christmas holiday season by putting out a host of bundles which should turn the device into a more attractive one to some gamers.

The company has not clearly defined all the bundles it plans to release but there are reports from various retailers which show them already in storage while varied sources also list them as available. The Xbox 360 Elite, which is the most expensive Microsoft made gaming console, equipped with its 120 GB hard drive, will be bundled together with copies of LEGO Indiana Jones and with Kung Fu Panda, a videogame adaptation of the very successful animation movie. The price will remain 399 dollars despite the additional videogames. The Xbox 360 Pro, which is still priced above the Nintendo Wii and packs a 60 GB hard drive, will also be getting the same videogame bundle.

It also seems that the Xbox 360 Arcade systems, which are currently retailing for a reduced price of 199.99 dollars and which do not have a hard drive, will include a copy of Sega Superstars Tennis and a compilation disc which is said to include a wide variety of Xbox Live Arcade games.

The holiday bundles will also have a big Netflix logo slapped on as Microsoft is promising those who buy them the chance to get a free trial of the movie delivery service. This probably refers to the fact that after the introduction of the new Xbox Live Experience, which is coming on November 19, the users of the Xbox 360 will be able to use Netflix to stream a variety of video content to their consoles.

Sony has recently announced that it does not plan to release any bundle for Christmas and that it hopes the quality and features of its PlayStation 3 will allow it to sell as well as the Xbox 360.

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