X³: Reunion 2.5 Beta Officially Launched on Steam for Linux

The players have been asked to test the Beta version and submit their feedback

X³: Reunion, one the most complex and action-oriented space simulations ever created, was officially launched on Steam for Linux, in its Beta form.

X³: Reunion is developed by EGOSOFT and as the name implies, this is not the first release for the developers. They are actually doing this for a long time and X²: The Threat, their previous enterprise, was also ported on Linux.

The game was actually ported a few years back by Linux Game Publishing, but they lacked the proper distributing channels and X³ had a limited impact in the Linux community.

With the impending rise of Steam for Linux, EGOSOFT has taken the obvious step and has released a beta for Linux, for their 2.5 version. Given the fact that the game is already ported, most of the work has already been done.

In any case, X³: Reunion is now live on Steam for Linux and the developers have already fixed a number of problems:

• A bug which causes the mouse scroll wheel to bleed into other mouse buttons has been fixed;

• The joystick selection/disabling in input config dialog has been fixed and some obsolete options (those are configurable in-game) have been removed;

• Redirected stderr to stdout to hopefully avoid huge logs. All the players should check their ~/.xsession-errors files and delete them if they are huge;

• The input printfs has been removed;

• A crash which occurred when meeting Tony Marani in Farnhams Legend has been fixed;

• The config dialog has received some improvements.

Also, EGOSOFT warned user about users running open-source drivers without support for texture compression (red, green, and blue stripes).

“If you have an AMD/ATI or NVIDIA graphics card you can install the proprietary drivers which should also result in improved performance. If you are running Intel graphics or wish to use open-source drivers you will have to install libtxc-dxtn,” stated the official announcement.

More details about X³: Reunion can be found on the official forum thread. You can also check out the Steam website, if you're interested in game.

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