Wrestler Throws Medal in the Garbage After Getting Second Place in College Match

A senior in University of Iowa's Hawkeyes’ program does not like to lose

A wrestler in the University of Iowa Hawkeyes’ program has shown his competitive spirit by actually throwing away a second place medal.

“This is the 2nd place 125 pound (57 kg) Big Ten trophy. We found it in the garbage,” tweeted a reporter for the Daily Iowan who discovered the medal.

Senior Matt McDonough came second to Jesse Delgado of Illinois, with this being the second time he loses a match to the player.

McDonough failed to win the Big Ten championship match at the prestigious tournament held in the town of Champaign.

The incident marks the wrestler's third loss this season, which is a rare occurrence for the player, and the most he has ever lost in one season. Iowa finished third in the competition with 133.5 points.

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