Wrestler Chyna Hospitalized on Her Birthday

Star rushed to the emergency room with cuts on her arms

“Celebrity Rehab” pretended to be more than just another reality show meant to bring in audiences. However, for former wrestler Chyna, real name Joanie Laurer, whatever the show was meant to help her accomplish has clearly failed, as the starlet was rushed the other day at the hospital, so intoxicated that she was barely able to speak, not to mention explain to doctors why she had cuts all over her arms.

Celebrity website and paparazzi agency TMZ is reporting that, in the wee hours of Saturday morning (5:00 AM), as Chyna’s Burbank birthday bash was drawing to an end, the starlet was found on the floor of her bathroom, passed out and covered in her own blood. Sources tell TMZ that her friends were so scared about her state that they did not even try to bring her to her senses on the spot, but immediately called for medical assistance.

After the ambulance whisked Chyna to the nearest hospital, doctors were able to determine, more or less accurately, that her collapse might have been caused by too many alcohol shots that did not mix well at all with her prescription pills. According to current reports in the media, the former wrestler, now turned reality TV star, is out of the woods, but is awaiting psychiatric evaluation, which could not be performed upon hospitalization because of the high alcohol level in her blood.

When TMZ contacted the controversial star for comment on the phone, she refused to detail on what it was precisely that brought her in the middle of the night at the hospital with an ambulance. What Chyna did say, though, was, “All I really want right now is a hamburger and fries right now.”

Chyna left professional wrestling in 2001, and has been focusing, since then, on making a career in showbiz, taking up small parts in straight-to-video flicks and starring in several reality shows. With all that, it’s her personal life and out of the ordinary public appearances that have really turned her into a favorite with the media, holding the first page of all US and international tabloids. 

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