Worst Proposal Ever: Farmer Plows Bride’s Misspelled Name on Field

Loren Lentz, a farmer from Washington, proposed to his girlfriend with a grand gesture

Loren Lentz, a farmer from eastern Washington, wanted to propose to his girlfriend with a grand gesture. As he plowed the future bride's name on his 200 acre (0.8 square kilometers) field, he actually managed to misspell it.

“I kinda wanted to do something big, not necessarily in the public eye, but I wanted to do something special that she was going to remember,” Loren says, according to My Northwest.

And he sure did make a splash, as Jody went on a romantic helicopter ride and saw the phrase “Lody, will U marry me,” written in enormous letters.

“The letters were somewhere between 150 to 200 yards (137-182 m) long,” he says, so I guess it's understandable then.

It might have been the worst proposal ever, but Jody found it “adorably wrong,” and she is still marrying him next month.

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