Worst Birthday Card Tells 13-Year-Old Girls to Score Rich Boyfriends

The card implies that girls should aspire to being given diamonds and rubies as presents

A photo of a birthday card is causing a bit of trouble for Hallmark, as it sends out a message that could be dubbed misogynistic to 13-year-old girls.

“You're 13 today!

If you had a rich boyfriend

He'd give you diamonds and rubies” it reads. Click on the photo above to see the entire message.

In other words, it promotes the idea that girls should grow up to be kept women, living for expensive jewelry bought by rich husbands or boyfriends.

Another disturbing aspect of the inscription is the mention that big bosoms will get you further in life, as they will prompt men to give you presents.

According to Jezebel, the birthday card was sold under the Arnold Barton brand, currently owned by the Hallmark publisher.

Hallmark has issued a response, claiming it hasn't been duplicated since it bought the company, some 15 years ago.

“This card was printed over 15 years ago by Arnold Barton before Hallmark UK acquired that brand. This card has not been reproduced since and we are surprised that a copy was still available for purchase in a retail store.

“We agree the card is not appropriate; we apologize on behalf of Arnold Barton and will do our best to track down any copies remaining in circulation,” they write in their statement.

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