Worms Revolution New Medieval Tales DLC and Patch Out Now

Explore new levels through the add-on and get new features through the update

Team17 has just released a brand new downloadable content pack for its recent Worms Revolution game, as well as a special patch that fixes a variety of glitches and issues reported by players.

The Worms games in the last few years didn’t exactly manage to capture the essence of previous titles from the series, but the most recent Worms Revolution, however, delivered a great blend of classic Worms gameplay but with quite a few new additions, like a full-fledged physics system.

Now, after releasing two DLC packs for the game, in the form of the Funfair and Mars ones, developer Team17 has just posted another add-on called Medieval Tales.

Just like in previous expansions, the DLC brings new single-player missions, a special Medieval Theme for the multiplayer mode, and plenty of other trinkets.

Check out a full list of things included in the new DLC for Worms Revolution below, via an official statement.

- New Campaign Missions. 10 all-new single player campaign missions set in the new medieval theme with narration scripted by award-winning writer, Dean Wilkinson.

- Medieval Theme. A stunning new medieval theme for Worms™ Revolution that can be used in both local and online matches.

- 5 New Hats. Choose from Hero, Wizard, Peasant, Guard and Executioner hats for your Worms to wear.

- 3 New Speechbanks. Ever wanted your worm to speak like a Hero, Hostage or Villain? Now they can!

The new DLC is now available across the PC (£3.99 / $4.99 / €4.99), PS3 (£3.19 / $4.99 / €3.99), and Xbox 360 (400 MS Points) platforms.

What’s more, Team17 also rolled out a new patch for the PC version of Worms Revolution that brings a variety of bug fixes, as well as the ability to use multiple controllers during a local multiplayer match.

Check out the changelog for the new Worms Revolution patch below, via Steam.

- Fixed an issue so now all Player Profiles can use a control pad

- Implemented the ability to use multiple control pads in local games (if more than 2 controllers are connected, players can assign each Player Profile to a controller upon adding that player to a lobby)

- Keybindings are now saved individually for each profile

- Fixed an issue that was stopping some cards from being able to alter the Water Complexity settings

- Fixed an issue where landscape objects would disappear from custom maps

- Fixed an issue where old custom game settings would be deleted when creating new ones

Expect more expansions and patches to appear for Worms Revolution in the near future, as Team17 is committed to supporting the game.

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