World vs World Guild Wars 2 Update Delayed to March

The extra time allows developers to improve the new features

The development team at ArenaNet working on Guild Wars 2 says that it has decided to delay all updates linked to the World versus World game modes until March in order to make sure that all changes are properly tested.

Colin Johanson, the game director of the MMO, states in a blog post that, “March will see the release of the WuvWuv progression system, new ranks you can earn in WvW visible to all other players, and new DubVDub specific abilities/bonuses that you can earn as you rank up. Our team working on WvW will discuss this system in more detail as that date approaches.”

The developer goes into more detail about the work his team is doing in relation to World versus World game modes.

ArenaNet is trying to rebuilt the way Guild Wars 2 loads models and compresses data in order to improve performance and eliminate culling from the MMO.

More incentives are also planned to attract players to the new modes, with short-term goals and rewards for players who perform well.

Developers are also promising a focus on smaller queues and more overall polish for Guild Wars 2.

Johanson adds, “We’ve recently expanded the staffing on our WvW team to build up and expand this core part of Gw2 even more, and we look forward to sharing with you more details and features in the coming month as this group polishes and grows the WvW experience.”

Guild Wars 2 was launched in late August of 2012 and has since then sold more than 3 million copies.

The MMO does not use a monthly subscription system and relies on in-game transactions and on retail package sales to generate revenue.

ArenaNet has long-terms plans for Guild Wars 2, including an expansion of the game world and mechanics during 2013.

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