World's Top 5 Creepiest, Most Shocking Photobombs Will Keep You Up at Night

Check out a vintage, country-side photobomb with Hitchcock-reminiscent feeling to it

By on February 25th, 2013 10:44 GMT

Since we all like photobombs, I thought I' d review a collection of the top five weirdest, scariest ones around.

According to an entry in the Urban Dictionary, a photobomb occurs “any time the background of a picture hijacks the original focus,” which is to say shots of this nature don't necessarily need to be scary.

They can be cute and funny, like a photo of an overjoyed husky jumping in a couple's shot right before it is captured. Nevertheless, photobombs can often be disturbing, like the photo above, of a man walking by as three kids pose in the foreground.

This vintage photograph, uploaded to Imgur and published by the Daily Mail, is enough to haunt your dreams for a week. The man looks like the Joker, while the little girl in the front stares at a camera with an angelic look on her face.

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