World's Tallest Man Towers at a Staggering 8 Foot, 3 Inches (2.51m)

Meet Sultan Kösen, the absolute tallest living man

We might belong to one and the same species, but we humans are very different from one another. In fact, some even say no two people in the world are perfectly alike. 

True, there are those who don't really stand out, but then there are also some who cannot help but draw attention to themselves. Sometimes simply because they are too tall not to be noticed.

Sultan Kösen has held the title for Tallest Living Man since 2009. He lives in Turkey and he is 30 years old. On August 25, 2009, he was awarded the title after proving taller than the previous holder, a 2.47-metre (8 feet 1¼ inch) tall Mongolian man by the name of Bao Xishun.

Since being crowned the absolute tallest man in the world in 2009, he's even grown a few inches. These days, Sultan stands an impressive 8-foot, 3-inch (2.51 m) tall.

The reason Kösen is so tall is because he suffers from acromegaly - excessive levels of growth hormone are being produced by his body. Because of this affliction, he developed a tumor that affects his pituitary gland. He requires crutches to get around.

His inside leg measures 44.5 inches (113cm) and his sleeves are 38 inches (97cm) long, so going shopping is always difficult for the Turkish man.

Presently, Kösen lives with his parents and works as a farmer. His biggest dreams are owning a car that actually fits him and, of course, finding love.

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