World's Oldest Father Is PETA's Latest Poster Boy

The man fathered a child at age 96, PETA says his vegetarian diet did the trick

It was not very long ago when a farm worker named Ramajit Raghav became the world's oldest father, meaning that he and his wife managed to conceive despite his being 96 years old and her being 53.

As was to be expected, Ramajit Raghav's becoming a father quite long after he put his prime years behind him caused quite a media stir, and many wanted to know what his secret was.

Apparently, this farm worker from India owns his virility to the fact that he is a vegetarian and a teetotaler.

“I have been a vegetarian all my life and I credit my stamina and virility to my diet of vegetables and grains. Being a vegetarian is the secret of my strength and good health,” Ramajit Raghav argued at one point.

Because of this, PETA decided to make him their new poster boy, hoping that his story might help convince others of the perks of feeding on fruits, vegetables and seeds alone.

The Times of India explains that, for the time being, PETA is busy trying to establish a link between fertility and vegetarianism, especially since the winter holidays are just around the corner and numerous animals are bound to end up on people's plates.

According to the same source, the poster showing this 96-year-old vegetarian father will be placed by PETA members fairly close to fertility clinics worldwide.

PETA member Benazir Suraiya stated that, “Our new posters will come out towards the end of this year and we are planning to fix them near fertility clinics around the world.”

Furthermore, “We hope that his example would make a lasting impression on people and would be able to promote vegetarian diet.”

This is not the first time when PETA points out that being a vegetarian ultimately improves on one's health.

Thus, one of their most recent campaigns has argued that both obesity and the health conditions caused by it can be dealt with simply by changing one's dietary habits.

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