World's Largest Collection of Mini-Cars Goes on Sale at Auction

Bruce Weiner's vehicles might rack up £7 M (€8.16 M / $11 M)

Collector Bruce Weiner is putting up his 200 mini-cars on sale at auction, reports say. Weiner, of Georgia, US, currently displays the impressive collection in his own museum.

The Microcar Museum in Madison is home to such pieces as a BMW Bubble and a Peel P50, with the Peel registered as the smallest car ever manufactured.

Weiner can proud himself with the largest mini-motor collection in the world, The Sun notes. His hobby stands to fetch him a whopping £7 M (€8.16 M / $11 M) at auction.

His most prized possession are two branded Krispy Kreme and Coca-Cola mini-trucks, worth over £65,000 (€75,800 / $102,000) each.

“They have brought me incredible joy over the years, but simply finding and restoring these cars is not enough for me. In order to fully appreciate them, I need to share them,” he says.

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