World's Greatest PC Maker to Build Assembly Lines in the US

Lenovo is really expanding its operations, not that it needs it

One might wonder why Lenovo would feel the need to increase the number of active factories. After all, it already is the greatest PC supplier in the world.

Then again, that it overcame HP wasn't purely its own merit. HP's own flagging interest in PCs narrowed the gap between the corporations as well.

Whether because of this or not, Lenovo has decided, according to Digitimes anyway, to build some assembly lines in the United States, rather than stick solely to China (five factories), Mexico (one factory) and India (again, one factory).

Lenovo doesn't make all its PCs. There are plenty of contract suppliers.

Its goal is to increase the in-house production from 20% to 50% by the end of 2013.

In the meantime, the company will finalize plans for the Sao Paulo (Brazil) and North Carolina (the US) factories.

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