World's First 10 Gbps Wi-Fi Chipset Being Made by Quantenna

The 10G Wi-Fi chip will use adaptive beamforming and channel optimization

Gigabit Ethernet is considered one of the better advancements in the field of networking of the past decade, so one can assume the effects that 10 Gbps Wi-fi would have on observers. As it happens, 10G Wi-Fi is exactly what Quantenna is working on.

Quantenna was the first to make 4x4 chipsets for the 802.11n and 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards, so it isn't, one might argue, too odd that it would try to “get there first” when it comes to 10 Gbps wireless tech as well.

Still, 10G is a lot for over-air transmissions, especially since wired Ethernet hasn't moved to that level yet either.

Nevertheless, this is the technology that Quantenna is working on, and the chipset will have some extra features too.

For one thing, adaptive beamforming technology will be included. Beamforming should allow the chip, or antennas connected to it, to seek out other relays, routers, range extenders and devices at greater distance, without signal loss. Basically, the technique “beams” data straight at viable targets.

Another asset is the channel monitoring and optimization, which further boosts data and improves reliability.

Furthermore, the MIMO (multiple-input and multiple-output) configuration will be 8x8, indicating a much more advanced architecture than before.

The first 10G chip will be a 4x4 offering, but 8x8 chips will be introduced as well. 2015 is when availability is expected.

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