World’s Fattest Woman Wannabe Is Paid $90,000 to Eat

Donna Simpson is obese and riddled with health issues. However, unlike other people in her situation, she doesn’t want to lose weight but actually gain more – until she’s officially the world’s fattest woman. She’s even paid to eat.

Simpson’s name has already made headlines, starting with the time she became the world’s heaviest woman to give birth.

Back then, it took a team of 30 to deliver her baby. Now, she wants to gain even more weight, so that she can break into the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s fattest woman.

The Daily Mail reports that Simpson makes at least $90,000 a year, which more than allows her to pursue her “dream,” and, oddly enough, she doesn’t even have to lift a finger for it.

Simpson runs a website where she charges people to see her eat. In other words, she gets paid to do the one thing she probably loves the most in life.

“The profits from her website, where people are charged around $20 for 30 days viewing, means she can now afford to fund her huge food shopping bill, which is estimated to cost her around £500 a week,” the Mail writes.

“The New Jersey mother ploughs through burgers, chips, meatloaf, pizza, cake and fizzy drinks – and all while people watch her and browse photographs of her tucking in to her huge meals,” adds the tab.

“The 5ft 2in mother, who now requires a mobility scooter to go shopping, wears XXXXXXXL dresses and tries to move as little as possible to prevent her from burning any precious calories,” the publication notes.

She enlists her daughter Jaqueline (who is just 4) as her “feeder” and relies on her for the most common tasks.

This situation is relatively new, as we also noted a short time ago: Simpson says she wants a new feeder, but is relying on her daughter only for the time being, since her boyfriend left her.

She claims she wants her daughter to have a normal, healthy life, without weight issues, and encourages her to go outside and play. She also doesn’t want to put too much pressure on her by making her her feeder.

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