World’s Fattest Man Paul Mason Suffers Heart Attack

Weeks after gastric bypass and days after announcing intent to publish diet book

At his heaviest, Paul Mason, a 48-year-old from England who used to work once as a postman, weighed 978 pounds. He then lost weight, having reached 698 pounds, meaning just enough to qualify for gastric bypass and was also planning on writing a diet book to speak of his weight loss. Weeks after the surgery, Mason was rushed to the hospital after complaining of severe chest pains, Metro writes.

Because of his sheer weight, Mason has won the dubious title of world’s fattest man. He was bedridden for quite a while and, at one point, rumors even had it that the Royal Air Force might have to airlift him to take him to the hospital. After he lost the 280 pounds, Mason decided to come out with a book that would tell his “journey” from being so morbidly obese to reaching the recommended weight to allow him to have a gastric bypass. Now, after the surgery, he seems to have had a heart attack.

“World’s fattest man Paul Mason was rushed to hospital yesterday after suffering a suspected heart attack. Complaining of severe chest pains, 48-year-old Mr. Mason was taken to a nearby hospital from his Ipswich home in an ambulance specially built to carry obese patients. Mr. Mason, a former postman who developed an eating disorder after a suffering as series of personal setbacks, recently underwent a life-saving gastric band surgery which reduced his weight from 70 stone (444.5kg) to 49 stone (311.2kg),” Metro informs.

“Yesterday afternoon, we were contacted by the patient’s GP, who was at his home. After the initial assessment, it was decided he needed to go to hospital. We do not have an ambulance that can carry a patient who weighs over 30 stone, so we contacted St John Ambulance Service who have a specialist bariatric ambulance. They arrived and conveyed him to hospital, where he was admitted,” a spokesperson for the East of England Ambulance service tells the publication, confirming that it was Mason who had to be rushed to the hospital.

Eyewitnesses are telling the British media that they saw Mason clutching his chest and breathing heavily as he was being taken out of the house on the gurney. More details on his condition are not yet known, but do keep an eye on this space for when they emerge.

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