World's Fastest Notebook, the MSI GT680 to Debut at CES 2011

Although there is still some time to go until CES 2011 officially opens its gates, more an more companies have started announcing products that are going to be launched during the show, MSI just telling us they plan on showcasing the GT680 gaming laptop, “the fastest notebook computer on the planet” during CES 2011.

This claim is sustained with the help of a PCMark Vantage score, the Taiwanese company stating the yet-unreleased GT680 can attain an impressive 18,162 points in Futuremark's benchmarking application.

Furthermore, the company also states this score is about three times faster than the average speed of high end gaming notebooks currently on the market.

Although not so many details about the hardware used inside the GT680 are available, Eric Kuo, associate vice president for global sales at MSI Notebook, points out the laptop features “Intel's latest four core CPU, Nvidia GeForce's newest generation high end discrete graphics card, and four DDR3 memory slots expandable to 16GB of memory.”

According to the Zahipedia website, this means the laptop comes with an Intel Core i7 2630QM that is based on the Sandy Bridge architecture as well as with an Nvidia GeForce GT460M graphics card.

In addition, the GT680 is built using a dual-drive architecture which kicks up read-write speed by approximately 70%, meaning the laptop's drives can be configured in a RAID 0 array to increase the system's performance.

According to MSI, another reason why the GT580 is the fastest notebook on the planet is the fact that it uses MSI's Turbo Drive Engine+ technology that overclocks both the CPU and the GPU simultaneously once the luminescent Turbo hot key located above the keyboard is pressed.

Unfortunately, no other details are available at this time, so we have to wait until CES 2011 to see for just how much the GT580 will hit retail and if these hardware specifications are real.

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