World of Warcraft Noblegarden In-Game Event Starts Today, April 1

Get into the Easter spirit and earn special rewards

The traditional Noblegarden in-game event for World of Warcraft is set to begin today, April 1, and lasts until April 8, during which players of the online game can hunt for different eggs around the game's world and get into the Easter spirit.

World of Warcraft has marked various holidays through different events over the years but, by far, one of the most popular is Noblegarden, which celebrates Easter inside the online game.

This year, the Noblegarden begins today, April 1, and will last until April 8.

During this time, both Alliance and Horde players can hunt for special eggs around the game's world, specifically in locations like Azure Watch, Dolanaar, Goldshire, Kharanos, for the Alliance, or Brill, Razor Hill, Bloodhoof Village, Falconwing Square for the Horde. All factions can also find eggs in Shattrath City.

Different activities are planned, so check them out below, via the official blog post on

Egg Hunt – Search in low-level towns for Brightly Colored eggs; some are well-hidden, while others are in plain view. Race against fellow heroes in an egg-gathering blitz to grab as many eggs as you can! Increase your speed in egg hunt areas with the Egg Basket, available from Noblegarden merchants and vendors.

Collect Noblegarden Chocolate – The contents of the eggs may vary, but they most often contain chocolates (the delicious currency of Noblegarden), rare special items, and fun items like toys and costumes. You can use chocolates to purchase items from Noblegarden merchants and vendors.

Daily Quests – The Great Egg Hunt rewards you with gold and humanoid-transforming Blossoming Branches in exchange for Brightly Colored Shell Fragments gathered during your travels.

Dress for the occasion – A selection of unique clothing is available to help you join in the festivities. Celebrate Noblegarden and the return of spring with charming outfits that can be purchased from Noblegarden merchants and vendors, or found inside Brightly Colored eggs.

Different rewards are also available, from seasonal mounts and pets, to achievements and other titles.

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