World of Tanks Xbox 360 Update 1.2 Out Now, Brings New Maps, Tanks, More

Plenty of fresh content and new updates are available for the game

World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 has just received update 1.2, bringing forth two new maps, fresh variants of existing levels, new American tank destroyers, and plenty of other tweaks, not to mention bonus achievements.

World of Tanks draws in a huge amount of players worldwide on PC, and earlier this year it was finally released on the Xbox 360 console thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and Wargaming.

Even if the free-to-play title requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription to be accessed, quite a few owners of the Xbox 360 have engaged in the online experience, trying out the big amount of tanks offered by the experience.

The game has since been updated with fresh content, and now a new patch, in the form of update 1.2, has just been made available by Wargaming on its website.

Quite a lot of major improvements are included, chief among which being two new maps called Fisherman's Bay and Abbey. Besides the new levels, fresh variations on existing ones are offered.

Malinovka, Mines, and Cliff now feature rainstorms, while Prokhorovka, Abbey, and Sand River are set at night, and Mountain Pass now hosts a snowstorm.

As always, the new update also brings fresh vehicles, this time in the form of American tank destroyers. The M8A1, T49, M18 Hellcat, T25/2, T28 Prototype, T30, and T110E4 are now available inside the free game. Existing tanks have also seen their attachments get animations, meaning radio antennas, cables, gas tanks, and more all move about when traversing the battlefield.

The heads-up display also received one major new element, in the form of the event ribbons mechanic. Now, each time players perform an action that earns them XP and Silver, they'll see a ribbon on their screen notifying them of the feat and spurring them on to perform it more in order to boost their levels. The Ribbons reward things like spotting enemies, attacking them, inflicting critical damage, capturing bases, or disabling enemies.

The user interface has been tweaked with a new battle results screen, as well as a more detailed breakdown of awards and bonuses, not to mention stats for other players. The price of the 850 Gold Pack has been lowered, while you can now select servers when launching the game.

Eight new achievements are also available inside World of Tanks, while the recently introduced crew system has received some more options.

World of Tanks Xbox 360 update 1.2 is already available for download via Xbox Live.

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