World Poker Tour Texas Hold ‘Em Now Available at the App Store

For iPhone and iPod touch

Leading developer of connected games and applications Hands-On Mobile, Inc., has announced today the release of World Poker Tour (WPT) Texas Hold ‘Em for iPhone and iPod touch. According to the company, the new release is meant to offer users a wide range of new features, including innovative touch-screen controls with the possibility to bet via a single touch.

In addition, the game also comes with enhanced graphics, as well as with “audio messages from professional poker player and WPT announcer Mike Sexton.” The new title also includes Web-to-wireless gameplay features, so that users can play it with other users on their iPhone, iPod touch or on their desktop PCs. At the same time, it also includes multi-player features that provide access to public tables or enables people to play with their families or friends at their own private tables.

WPT Texas Hold ‘Em for iPhone and iPod touch offers other features as well. Players can easily fold their cards with a simple finger flick, or can set the betting amount by dragging a finger along the betting wheel. The graphics enhancements the game comes with include upgraded player art and improved in-game user interface and menus so that the game can deliver a fresh look.

“A new opening video features exciting gameplay and a shot of a WPT final table. For a truly authentic experience the game also features additional sound clips from Mike Sexton,” the company states. “As a professional poker player, promoter and spokesperson, I am a big believer in this game’s ability to connect people,” Sexton noted. “WPT for iPhone and iPod touch will continue to make new poker fans and give experienced players another outlet to practice and play.”

WPT Texas Hold 'Em is priced at $3.99 and can be purchased from the App Store on iPhone and iPod touch or from on computers. Those who would like to try out the web version will find it available here. More details on WPT Texas Hold ‘Em can be found on the company's website.

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