World Cup Final Was a Hit on Twitter, Set a TPM Record

There were 3.5M tweets less during the Final than during the Germany – Brazil match

The World Cup has reached its end and there are another four years until we can all feel the frenzy again. When it comes to social media, the final match between Germany and Argentina proved to be quite epic, generating 32.1 million tweets.

Twitter has revealed that the World Cup Final managed to attract quite a bit of attention from the international community present on Twitter, but it didn’t really manage to set any records.

In fact, the 32.1 million tweets sent off during the 120 minutes of the match were considerably less than those sent during the Brazil vs. Germany match last week. Then, Twitter announced that users wrote 35.6 million messages during the telecast.

Following the match last night, Twitter said that Mario Götze was the most mentioned player from Germany’s team, while Lionel Messi was the most discussed player from the Argentinian national team.

Neuer and Kramer completed the top three for Germany, while Higuain and Mascherano filled the last two spots for Argentina.

Twitter also pointed out that the football players expressed their joy on the platform, sharing photographs with their teammates, posing with the World Cup or the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel.

The most talked about moments on Twitter
The most talked about moments on Twitter

During the match, the moment Germany was declared the winner of the World Cup raked in the most tweets per minute, namely 618,725. The single goal scored during the event came in second with 556,499 tweets per minute.

The third spot was occupied by the moment Lionel Messi was awarded the Golden Ball and declared the Best Player of the Tournament, while Manuel Neuer received the Golden Glove for being the best goal keeper at the World Cup. During these moments, users sent 398,773 tweets per minute.

As mentioned above, it seems that the World Cup final wasn’t so popular among Twitter users. Instead, the Germany vs. Brazil match was a lot more popular. While that match didn’t generate a record number of tweets per minute, overall, it was a lot more eventful.

For instance, the most talked-about moment during that event brought in 580,166 tweets per minute, but the third spot brought in 497,425 tweets per minute, nearly 100,000 more than during last night’s event.

Twitter also revealed a heat map showing what areas of the world were most passionate about the final World Cup match. The moment Germany scored managed to turn the entire world map into red, since that was the color Twitter used to indicate the troves of tweets mentioning the new World Cup winner.


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