World's Largest Breast Implants: 153.67 cm (60.5 in) in Circumference!

They are made of polypropylene string breast implants

Nature cannot do what a (large) piece of synthetic material can do. Moreover, natural large breasts drop with the age, while the synthetic balloons look like melons well after the menopause. Pamela Anderson imposed a standard in female breast size, firing the minds of many around the world.

After she and a countless number of starlets and singers passed trough this type of operation, it's clear that the trend is on an ascendant move; moreover, in the developed countries, more and more women are having breast augmentation surgeres. Only in the US, there is an estimated number of over 2 million women carrying the implants. Estimations predict a rise of 12 % annually, and all western developed countries experience this trend, even if risks and side effects of this operation are not adequately exposed by surgeons.

Some studies connect breast implants to breast cancer or other severe diseases, not to mention the more common issues connected to the surgery itself, like infection, toxic shock syndrome, nipple insensibility, impaired breast feeding, wrinkling, asymmetry, scarring and chest wall deformity, and many of these further intervention. But the most common and severe complication is the implant's rupture, whose risk rises to 69 %, 17 years after the operation.

In the end, the breast is a cultural object of femininity. And what you see around, from TV and magazines to net, goes to the limits of the possibilities of choice, for breast implant size, shape and position. By now, the limits of size have been reached by Maxi Mounds.

She is an 1.82 m (6 ft) tall American nude model, stripper and pornographic actress from Long Island, New York. Her enormous boobs contain polypropylene string breast implants. This type irritates the breast tissue, making the boobs grow continuously, due to the inflammation.

Each breast weighs 20 pounds (9 kg) and have been confirmed as "World's Largest Augmented Breasts" by the Guinness World Record on February 2005, when Maxi Mounds was measured at Sarasota, Florida: under breast measurement was 91.44 cm (36 in) and the around chest-over-nipple measurement of 153.67 cm (60.5 in). Mounds currently wears a 61MMM US bra size (UK 42J).

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