World's Fattest Man Has Lost 230 kg (507 Pounds)!

A record!

Guinness World Records registered the Mexican Manuel Uribe as the world's fattest human: he had reached 560 kilos (1,244 pounds) in weight.

Uribe, who lives in Monterrey (northern Mexico), has proudly announced Tuesday that he had dropped 230 kilograms (570 pounds), almost half his original weight, much rapidly than doctors expected.

"I'm going to throw a big party," Manuel Uribe told AFP.

"I'm getting out of my house and going for a walk".

The 42-year old man had been bedridden for five years, being cared by his mother and fiancee. American, Italian and Mexican doctors have been helping Uribe for 2 years to lose weight through Zone diet and exercise.

"My goal is dropping to a slim 120 kilos (265 pounds) in four more years," said Uribe.

On March 9, Uribe will enjoy a ride on a flat-bed truck, being scheduled to be lifted out of his house on his bed by a special crane.

"I feel great. The doctors say I'm healthier than ever," said Uribe.

Uribe has been informed that he will be on the 2008 edition of the Records Book and on the 2009 one for the most incredible weight loss in a year. His photograph is included in the 2008 Guinness Book of Records alongside a description of the treatment he has had and offers of surgery he has received so far.

The 1.95 m (6.5 ft) tall man has been affected by obesity for 20 years. At 20 years, while working in US, he already weighed 130 kg (289 pounds). He sought for medical help in 2006, when he reached 560 kilograms, being desperate because of the house captivity experienced for almost 20 years.

His weight history is:

1966 - Birth weight 6lbs (2.7 kg)

1984 - (18) 121 kg (19 stone)

1988 - (22) 128 kg (20 stone)

1995 - (29) 245 kg (39 stone)

1999 - (33) 502 kg (79 stone)

2000 - (34) 552 kg (87 stone)

The diet that led him to 560 kg was:

Breakfast - 4 eggs, beans, 3-4 tortillas stuffed with cheese and meat, fizzy drinks, coffee, milk

Lunch - Half a chicken, 4 meat and cheese tortillas, salad, fizzy drinks, pasta, bread

Dinner - 3-4 eggs with ham, beans, 3-4 cheese and meat tortillas, bread or pasta, fizzy drinks, coffee, milk

His current diet is:

Breakfast - Six eggs without yolk fried in olive oil, onion and tomato, one apple, one grapefruit, water

Lunch - Grilled chicken, grapefruit, apple, sugar-free lemonade, salad, sugar-free jelly, water

Dinner - Peppers stuffed with mince, one apple, grapefruit, salad, water

Snack - 2.5 bars of diet chocolate, water


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