WordPress.com Debuts a Google Chrome Extension

WordPress.com Debuts a Google Chrome ExtensionWordPress.com Debuts a Google Chrome Extensi

WordPress.com has debuted a Google Chrome extension that should simplify some of the things you can do on the site while also making it easier to keep track of everything without actually having WordPress.com open in a tab all the time.

The most obvious use of the extension is for notifications. You will receive an update every time your blog gets a new follower or someone likes one of your posts.

What's more, you'll be able to check out the activities straight from the extension, no need to visit WordPress.com.

Another interesting use for the new Chrome extension is as a simple way of starting to follow a blog or website.

WordPress.com recently debuted a new Reader tab which makes it easy to keep up with your favorite blogs and websites from one place, on WordPress.com. With the extension, you can start following more sites with just one click.

"Clicking the Follow button will add new posts from the website to your reader, and send you an email each time an update is published. (You can change your default email settings if you like.)," WordPress.com explained.

"When you visit a WordPress.com site, you’ll notice that the extension icon will turn blue, but keep in mind that you can follow blogs on Blogger, Tumblr, and other services, too," it added.

Yet another use for the Chrome extension is to quickly post something to any of your WordPress.com bogs. A pop-up editor is available to scribble down some thoughts or even a slightly longer post. You can then publish it to any of your blogs. You can also add images and format your post like you normally would.

WordPress.com has been on a roll lately and has debuted several new features, starting with the new Reader tab, but also a new stats tab added to the homepage.

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