Wood Bison Herd to Be Released in Alaska

The Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center plans to release a herd in the wilderness

Alaska's wood bison population has been steadily dropping over the course of the past few years, and conservationists in charge of looking after the biodiversity in this part of the world believe that it will not be long before the state is left without these animals.

Because of this, the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center wishes to release an entire herd in the wild, thus boosting the state's overall headcount for this species.

Prior to their being allowed to explore the landscape as they see fit, these bison are to be kept in fenced enclosures, Tree Hugger explains.

Once they become accustomed to the area, they will be freed and allowed to go wherever they may please.

The people behind this green-oriented project hope that their efforts will not prove futile, and that Alaska's wood bison population will soon make a comeback.

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