Wonky: Disabled Puppy Is in Dire Need of a Loving Owner

Lack of food caused this pooch to develop deformed front legs

The cute puppy in the picture above now finds herself in dire need of a loving owner. By the looks of it, Wonky is just 11 weeks old, yet no stranger to suffering.

The people who helped rescue her from the streets explain that, because of her lacking appropriate food, Wonky has experienced its legs growing inwards.

Therefore, the puppy can only be adopted by someone who is ready and willing to pay close attention to her needs.

“We don't know everything about her background but we think that she was removed from her mother too early and was then abandoned. She has not had the right nutrition and a poor diet has meant her front legs are underdeveloped,” Amanda Sands, the manager of Dog Trust Leeds, told members of the press.

The organization promises to offer financial help to those willing to adopt Wonky, and asks that whoever believes that they can provide this dog with appropriate care contact them as soon as possible.

By the looks of it, the dog need only receive the necessary nutrients and be subjected to physiotherapy treatment in order to start feeling better.

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