Woman Driving Stolen Train Crashes into Sweden Home

A 22-year-old cleaner stole a train from a transport company

A 22-year-old cleaner on a transport line in Sweden decided to take a train out for a ride. Unfortunately for her and a Stockholm, Sweden family, she drove it directly into a building.

She only got as far as 1.5 kilometers (one mile) when that annoying complex got in her way. Nobody was hurt in the process, Press TV writes. The four-car train smashed into the kitchen area.

In the photo posted above, you can observe how the train lodged itself into the apartment building. More pictures of the damaged building, after it was hit, are available by clicking here.

“I heard it and woke up. I thought it was thunder and that lightning had struck the house next door. There were flashes and a terrible bang,” a neighbor told reporters.

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