Women Can Read Man’s Intentions in His Eyes, Study Shows

Gents looking for longtime commitment will focus on the face

Women looking to find an answer to the never-really-answered question of whether a man is looking for just a fling or a more serious relationship have only to look in his eyes to find it, The Telegraph says. A new study has demonstrated that men who aren’t in it for a one night stand or just a fling will focus most of their attention on a woman’s face rather than on her body.

Led by Dr. Tom Currie at Tokyo University, the study included 260 volunteers, men and women, and implied the assessment of people’s attractiveness based on pictures showed to the volunteers. First off, they were shown pictures of persons of the opposite gender of the face or the body alone, and asked to say whether they would consider that person perfect for a longterm commitment or only just a fling. The next step had the volunteers rate a person’s attractiveness based on a photo comprised of the two, meaning the pic of the face and another of the body.

While no variation was noted in women’s answers, meaning they were not dependant on whether they considered the man pictured suitable for a fling or a longterm relationship, men rated body over face when thinking of one night stands. “When looking for a long-term relationship, only 20 per cent of men gave higher scores to pictures of the female models’ bodies than they did to the images of their faces. However, when asked to rate them for a short-term affair, 40 per cent ranked the pictures of their bodies higher than those of their faces, according to the study by Dr. Tom Currie at Tokyo University,” The Telegraph says of the findings of the study.

“If you are looking for long-term relationships you are looking for a friendly, humorous, co-operative pleasant partner – information we all get from faces. But when it comes to men and short-term relationships they are not so bothered about whether someone has a nice-looking face, the body becomes a bit more important. They shift their attention,” Dr. Anthony Little, a psychologist at Stirling University, also explains.

This means that, should you ever find yourself in a position when you don’t know what a man makes of you, a look in his eyes should suffice to offer you the answer. If he looks back into your eyes or his gaze is focused on your face, then you might as well start thinking of your wedding day, it is being said.

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