Women Attracted to Men with Large Pupils

Study says pupils show a man’s interest

While scientists are still working overtime to discover the “love drug,” and thus find an answer to the century-old question of whether infatuation can last the test of time without becoming just a figment of our imagination, as far as attraction goes, things are easier. A new study comes to prove that women are most attracted by men with large pupils, but only when they’re at the peak of fertility.

The findings could be truly revolutionary in that they could help establish some form of “presets” for finding a partner. Because a woman is said to be more attracted by a man with large pupils when in her most fertile period of the month, it could be that we unknowingly apply certain criteria when looking for a partner. If these criteria could be well pinned down, dating would no longer be as catastrophic for many men and women worldwide as it is now, it is being said.

Researchers at Edinburgh University took photos of six handsome men, each with three separate pics, with differently sized pupils (small, medium and large), and subjected them for analysis to a batch of ten women. As it turned out, they rated the highest those men who had large pupils, as opposed to the photos in which they had small ones, although they could not offer any seemingly logical explanation for their choice.

According to the study published in the journal Personality And Individual Differences, the answer for this resides in that a large pupil signals a man’s interest in a woman, therefore he is more indicated as a partner because interest is mutual. Oppositely, when researches performed the same routine with the ten women when they were not at their fertility peak, they made no difference in terms of attractiveness between men with large and small pupils.

“Participants recorded their age, whether they were using hormonal birth control, the date of onset of their menstrual period preceding the test and the length of their menstrual cycle.” the Daily Mail informs, so that the results of the study be as accurate as possible. “The results revealed that attraction to large pupils shot up four days before day 13 of the menstrual cycle, the usual monthly peak in fertility.” the publication further details.

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