Woman's Legs Won't Stop Growing, Right One Weighs 17 Stones (108 Kilograms)

Doctors had to amputate her left leg, the stump started growing again

38-year-old Mandy Sellars is now making headlines, all because of her suffering from a rare medical condition which causes her legs to grow uncontrollably. Mandy Sellars' condition is so rare, that her case is the first of its kind ever known to the scientific community.

By the looks of it, Mandy's legs just kept growing from the first days of her life and well into her adulthood. This led to their reaching an impressive size, and doctors even had to amputate her left limb after the woman developed septicemia and risked losing her life.

“There was clearly something dramatically different about me when I was born as my legs were so much bigger than my body. Doctors didn't know what it was and whisked me away - they didn't let my mother see me for two weeks. They didn't think I would survive,” the woman explains.

Presently, Mandy's right leg weighs roughly 17 stones (about 108 kilograms), whereas the stump that remained when her right one was cut off tips the scale at 3 stones (approximately 19 kilograms).

According to Daily Mail, the stump used to be smaller immediately after the woman underwent surgery back in 2010, yet for one reason or another it started to grow again and ended up measuring about one meter (roughly 40 inches) in circumference.

Because no other cases of people whose legs refuse to stop growing are known to scientists, medical researchers were pretty much clueless when first asked to treat this woman.

However, they sampled her DNA and managed to develop a pioneering treatment which allegedly helped force Mandy's legs into ever so lightly diminishing their size.

“I started taking it [the treatment] in September and the aim was to stop my limbs growing further. Actually they have started to shrink a little,” the 38-year-old woman recently told members of the press.

“I'm the first person in the world with it [this unique medical condition] and it hasn't even got a name yet. I keep suggesting Dr Semple call it Sellars Syndrome!” Mandy went on to add.

Because of the size of her legs, Mandy is housebound and can only move about with the help of a wheelchair.

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