Professional Cuddler Makes $260 (€200) Every Day

Clients are charged $60 (€47) per hour to snuggle with Jackie in her New York home

29-year-old Jackie Samuel makes a living by cuddling with strangers in her Rochester, New York home. Since Samuel first set up her business, “The Snuggery,” it has become so popular she had to enlist a second snuggler to help with the work load.

Jackie charges $60 (€47) per hour, and often makes $260 (€200) in a day's work. Clients can use any part of her home for the snuggling sessions, but many choose the bedroom double bed.

Neighbors and teachers at her college have criticized her profession, due to the intimacy involved in snuggling. Some compare her to a call girl, claiming she simulates relationships.

"I've been told I'm monetizing love," she said.

Jackie's clients defend her by explaining that her business is legal, and that she provides a valuable service, the Daily Mail reports.

“There's no cheating element, it's not immoral,” one post break-up customer said.

Japanese "co-sleeping specialty shop" Soineya offers a similar service. The Asian cuddle club charges extra for admission.

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