Woman Wins $40M (€30M), Not $40K (€30K) As Originally Misread

Maria Carreiro will be using the winnings to buy homes and cars for her family

Grandmother of five Maria Carreiro, living in Toronto sings, dances and jumps around as she collects her $40M (€30M) lottery winnings.

Upon finding out that she had won, the Portugal native checked her ticket and misread the amount on it. She thought she won the $40K (€30K) prize, and it wasn't until one of her daughters looked it up online that she realized that the jackpot was at $40M (€30M).

Carreiro has been using her family's birthday dates when entering the lottery for years, but this one time she let the computer choose her numbers. Oddly enough, they came up the exact same that she always chose.

News Oxy writes that Carreiro plans to spend the money on making her three daughters live a better life. Two of them are single moms and she will be buying them homes and cars.

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