Woman Who Lost Her Dog Remortgages House to Offer ₤10,000 Reward

Dawn Maw also printed 15,000 posters and handed out 35,000 business cards

It sometimes happens that one's love towards their pet knows no boundaries, especially if said pet happens to be a champion pooch that has made several appearances at Crufts, the world's greatest dog show.

To cut a long story short, Dawn Maw, a 42-year-old woman from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, is now offering a ₤10,000 (roughly €11,660 / $15,770) reward to whomever helps her get back her 4-year-old female German short-haired pointer named Angel.

Furthermore, the woman went through the trouble of distributing a whopping 15,000 posters, and even handed out as many as 35,000 business cards.

According to Daily Mail, Angel went missing about two months ago, and since then, Dawn Maw has not been able to focus on anything else except desperately trying to find it.

Thus, the woman was left with no choice except remortgage her family's house in order to get the money she needed for said reward, posters and business cards.

Some of this money was used to hire a private detective, yet up until now, Angel is still nowhere in sight.

Dawn Maw explains that the dog was taken from her in a parking lot by a group of people who simply pulled their car next to hers, grabbed hold of Angel and made a quick and clean getaway before she had any opportunity to do anything about it.

It is her belief that the theft was planned and that the people who stole Angel only did so because the latter is a champion dog and therefore worth quite a lot of money.

However, Angel has been spayed and therefore cannot breed, which is why Dawn Maw is having a rather difficult time trying to figure out what the dognappers plan on doing with it.

According to the same source, all this commotion has caused the woman to lose an impressive amount of weight, and her doctor had to prescribe her sleeping pills in order to help her get some rest.

Hopefully, Dawn Maw and Angel will soon be reunited.

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