Woman Who Died, Woke Up in Heaven Describes Meeting God

Crystal McVea gives vague details about Heaven in a televised interview

A woman who went through a near-death experience documents her experience on an interview with Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson.

Crystal McVea wrote Waking Up in Heaven after a pancreatitis intervention during which her heart stopped beating and she was legally dead for five minutes.

She describes meeting God in Heaven, an encounter which she cannot recall in full detail. She explains that words are not enough to relay her feeling at the time.

“I had angels, I had God. […] I saw an immense brightness – a brightness I could feel, taste, touch, hear, smell,” she says.

She adds that, although having communicated with God without using speech, she has not been “allowed” to remember the minutiae of her encounter.

It seems as though McVea is only giving information that we have heard before – she recalls a bright light and a feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

Watch the entire interview above and leave your thoughts on whether or not this woman is a scam artist.

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