Woman Who Couldn't Stop Growing Dies Because of a Cold

Tanya Angus had a rare medical condition known as “acromegaly”

This past Monday, a 34-year-old woman named Tanya Angus passed away as a result of catching a cold which supposedly led to her developing a tear in her heart.

This piece of news might have gone unnoticed by the media community if it were not for the fact that this woman was also suffering with a rare medical condition referred to by physicians as “acromegaly.”

For those unaware, acromegaly is a syndrome that manifests itself when a person's pituitary gland produces a tad too much growth hormone.

This translates into the individuals reaching an impressive body size as far as both their height and their weight are concerned.

Opposing Views reports that, according to information made available to the public by Tanya's mother, Karen Strutynski, Tanya grew so much that she ended up measuring 7 feet and 2 inches (over 2 meters) in height. Furthermore, she weighed a total of 400 pounds (about 182 kilograms).

Tanya's mother explains that looking after her daughter was very much a full-time job, seeing how her size kept her from being able to carry out simple tasks such as putting on a shirt.

As well as this, Tanya had a rather difficult time when it came to finding clothes that fit her, seeing how the run-off-the-mill clothing industry does not manufacture and market shirts and pants which a person suffering with gigantism might wear.

Thus, most of her clothes, together with her shoes, had to be custom made.

The same source informs us that this 34-year-old woman's pituitary gland was made to secrete too much growth hormone by a non-cancerous tumor that toyed with her organism's natural balance.

Difficulties aside, Karen Strutynski says that her daughter had accepted her fate and that she often said that, “Mom, I don’t know why I got it. But I guess God decided that I could handle it.”

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