Rebecca Van Hooser Sues Police for Burst Silicone Implant During Arrest

The Texan underwent a partial mastectomy as a result of the alleged mistreatment

Rebecca Van Hooser, of Arlington, in Tarrant County, Texas, is suing the Pantego, Texas P.D. for displaying brutality during an arrest that lead to her breast implant popping.

Van Hooser was stopped by traffic police for a broken headlight, the Australian reports. Officer Eric Alvarez asked her to step out of the car when he discovered that she was listed with an outstanding warrant for her arrest, on a speeding ticket.

The officer proceeded to handcuff her and put her in the squad car, in what she claims was a violent manner.

“She gets out of the car, [the officer] grabs her, throws her against the car, spreads her legs - kicks - spreads her legs and grabs her arms and forcefully pulls them out and yanks them very hard behind her back,” Van Hooser's attorney, Susan Hutchison, stated.

She suffered a traumatic experience, having been grabbed so hard she started screaming in pain. When she complained, Alvarez refused to provide medical care.

“You're not supposed to be comfortable,” he allegedly said.

As a result of the mistreatment, her right breast silicone implant burst and Van Hooser had to undergo invasive surgery for partial removal of her breast tissue, and a removal and change of the implant.

“She's had a number of surgeries. [...] She had two hematomas as a result, and she's going to have to have a partial mastectomy, tissue transplant and a new implant,” her attorney argued.

“We respect police officers. [...] We're glad they're out there protecting us. When you arm someone with a gun and a badge and the authority that they have over people, you've got to train them appropriately, and they have got to be able to react reasonably and responsibly,” she added.

Van Hooser has filed a suit with the Tarrant County civil court, and she will be seeking damages.

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