Woman Sues Match.com After Her Date Tries to Kill Her

Mary Kay Beckman was brutally beaten, stabbed and left for dead

Mary Kay Beckman of Las Vegas, Nevada is suing the dating website Match.com for pairing her up with a man that then tried to kill her.

In her suit, filed on Friday, she is claiming $10 million (€7.5) for the company failing to provide her information on the level of danger she is in by joining and meeting another member.

She was “matched” with Wade Ridley in September 2010, and, at the time, he had no criminal record. They ended up going on more than one date. She broke it off 8 days after getting acquainted.

At first, she started being harassed via text message, the Vibe elaborates. It was four months after that he waited for her, hiding in the garage, Christian Science Monitor reports. In January 2011, he stabbed the woman 10 times.

"I shouldn't even be here today. [...] There were 10 stab wounds, eight on my physical body, two on my head, and when the knife broke, there was stomping on my head," she recalls, according to 8 News Now.

"Match does nothing to ensure the safety of its people, but you pay $30, you think you're getting some type of protection," her attorney Marc Saggese, of the firm Saggese & Associates argues.

They are suing for the people at Match.com failing to inform customers on the dangers of dating through their website.

"The basis of the lawsuit is the advertising that is utilized by Match.com, lulling women and men into a false sense of security," Saggese says.

"Other women, other men, and children, kids, think that online dating is the only way to go," Beckman said. "I'm terrified by what our generations coming up can be facing."

Ridley has already died, while in prison for another crime. A month after the brutal attack on Beckman, he stabbed and killed another woman, in Arizona.

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