Woman Sleeps Through Tornado in Alabama, Storm Rips off Her Roof

If she had fallen asleep in her bedroom as usual, she wouldn’t be around to tell the tale

77-year-old Betty Russell of Mobile, Alabama slept through the night as a tornado ripped off a part of her roof. Incredibly enough, police sirens are what bothered her as she awoke to notice the place looked different.

A tarp covers her roof, as there is a massive hole through it right about where her bedroom is. Fortunately, her son says, Betty fell asleep on the couch and not in her bed, so she wasn't injured in any way in the storm.

The southern portion of the house, including her room, looks severely damaged by the heavy winds.

According to ABC 2 News, several buildings had their roofs peeled off in last night's tornado in Mobile. A few trucks were capsized, however no residents were wounded in the process.

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